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Asthma UK Coronavirus (COVID-19) Your guide to social shielding Posted on 23 Sep 2020

Shielding advice for very high-risk groups

The Government has released new guidelines for people who are at high risk of needing critical care if they catch coronavirus.

We strongly recommend you follow this guidance if you are in one of the high-risk groups.

The following list should help you work out if you are in the high-risk group or not. (This list is the best information we have at the moment about who is at high risk. We will update it if we get any new information or if the guidance changes.)

If you are, or your child is, taking:

  • Any biologic therapy, also called a mAb (Xolair/omalizumab, Nucala/mepolizumab, Cinqaero/reslizumab, Fasenra/benralizumab) 
  • Steroid tablets or liquid every day  
  • Antibiotic tablets or liquid for asthma every week (e.g. azithromycin) 
  • Tiotropium 
  • A combination inhaler that also contains a long-acting bronchodilator (e.g. Seretide, Fostair, Symbicort) at a high daily steroid dose (see the list below). 
  • An inhaler with a high daily steroid dose (see the list below) AND you are taking Montelukast.

For the most up to date guidelines and shielding advise on high risk groups click here

Further information can be found here;

Please note we do not provide emergency packs for asthma patients unless the patient has already received an emergency pack previously.

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